Chromosome-specifc painting in Thinopyrum species using bulked oligonucleotides
2023年08月09日 21:26


发表期刊:Theoretical and Applied Genetics


作者:Chen Chen#, Yangshuo Han#, He Xiao, Bingcan Zou, Dandan Wu, Lina Sha, Cairong Yang, Songqing Liu, Yiran Cheng, Yi Wang, Houyang Kang, Xing Fan, Yonghong Zhou, Tao Zhang*, Haiqin Zhang*

Abstract:The E genome ofThinopyrumis closely related to the ABD genome of wheat (Triticum aestivumL.) and harbors genes conferring benefcial traits to wheat, including high yield, disease resistance, and unique end-use quality. Species ofThinopyrumvary from diploid (2n=2x=14) to decaploid (2n=10x=70), and chromosome structural variation and differentiation have arisen during polyploidization. To investigate the variation and evolution of the E genome, we developed a complete set of E genome-specifc painting probes for identifcation of the individual chromosomes 1E to 7E based on the genome sequences ofTh. elongatum(Host) D. R. Dewey and wheat. By using these new probes in oligonucleotide-based chromosome painting, we showed thatTh. bessarabicum(PI 531711, Eb Eb ) has a close genetic relationship with diploidTh. elongatum(Ee Ee ), with fve chromosomes (1E, 2E, 3E, 6E, and 7E) maintaining complete synteny in the two species except for a reciprocal translocation between 4 and 5Eb. All 14 pairs of chromosomes of tetraploidTh. elongatumhave maintained complete synteny with those of diploidTh. elongatum(Thy14), but the two sets of E genomes have diverged. This study also demonstrated that the E genome-specifc painting probes are useful for rapid and efective detection of the alien genetic material of E genome in wheat–Thinopyrumderived lines.

Key message:Chromosome-specifc painting probes were developed to identify the individual chromosomes from 1 to 7E inThinopyrumspecies and detect alien genetic material of the E genome in a wheat background.